Kick Ass Marketing

by Chris Wilkey and Austin Hostetter

Social media, marketing, beer, and kick ass ways to stand out from the crowd. Chris Wilkey and Austin Hostetter, co-founders of Hosskey Consulting (, talk about the world of digital marketing and how to make it work for you. From stories to tricks and tips, they will share everything they know!


Latest Episodes

KAM 005 - Interview with Jen Edds from 317 Sound Design - Austin and Chris had the fantastic opportunity to interview Jen Edds from 317 Sound Design ( In this interview, Jen explains how sound can be used in your marketing mix – from your videos, TV, social, and even your voicemail and phone directory. Jen tells us how she got started in the industry and even a story about a podcast hosted by two nuns.


Below are some additional answers from Jen:



Ways in which I market 317 Sound Design:


One of the best ways, which I failed to mention, is by playing gigs in front of a variety of audiences.  It never fails that I'm asked at some point during a gig "Do you do music full time, or do you have a day job?"  Lucky for me, the answer is "YES" to both.  The question presents a great opportunity for to tell people what I do when I'm not playing a gig.


Biggest Client:


IndyGo would be my most well known client.  The music I created for them has aired in their Radio and TV spots.


Biggest Mistake:


Presenting too many options to a client to start with, or making too many revisions.  I've learned that it is most effective to review the initial goals or parameters of the scope of the work that were determined at the start of the project, and then show the client how we have attained those goals with the work presented.

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Posted on 2 March 2014 | 4:10 pm

KAM 004 - Interview with Jared Wade from Sure Tones Entertainment

In this episode of the Kick Ass Marketing podcast, Austin and Chris interview Jared Wade from Sure Tones Entertainment ( Sure Tones Entertainment is a DJ company based out of Indianapolis, Indiana that focuses on weddings and other events. Jared talks about his experiences as a small business owner and also one man marketing force. He has some great tips for all the small business owners out there and he also has some great tips if you are looking for a DJ and any of your upcoming events.

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Posted on 10 February 2014 | 2:02 pm

KAM 003 - Latest Updates to Facebook

Have you noticed the latest changes on Facebook? If not, you will need to take a look and start thinking about how they are going to change the way you market on Facebook. Chris and Austin discuss some of the latest updates to Facebook and the changes you will need to make in your digital strategy. They will be discussing the following:

  • New changes to the Facebook Algorithm 

  • Embedded videos

  • Trending topics

  • Facebook donation feature

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Posted on 27 January 2014 | 3:20 am

KAM 002 - Top 5 Social Media Resolutions for 2014

You may have noticed the unbelievably large amount of "New Years resolutions" posts sweeping the blogosphere over the past few days. It seems every business and their mother is taking advantage of the time of year to help guide your company to a successful 2014 - especially when it comes to digital marketing and social media. With that being said, it behooves us to follow the trend and offer our five social media resolutions for your small business. So, without further ado ...

1. Create a Method to Your Madness

Odds are your business is already using some digital tools: most likely some social networks like Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. That's great. But now that you've jumped on the digital bandwagon, it's time to decide what you actually want to do with these tools. Rather than using them in a random fashion that involves posting some sort of content whenever you think about it in sporadic bursts, take the beginning of 2014 to sit down and decide what you want to accomplish with your company's social media and how you want to accomplish it. That's right. It's time to finally create a strategy for the year that sets goals and outlines how you will accomplish those goals.

2. Set Up a Content Posting Regiment

Along with your strategy, commit yourself to posting content on a consistent and regular basis. Show your followers that you're a serious brand by providing new and fresh content on an almost daily basis. Getting in to this kind of posting regiment is hard, we understand. A great way to set this resolution in motion is by creating a content calendar for your social media accounts, blog, or other digital assets. Content calendars are a great way to organize, plan, and implement quality content - and it's exactly what we do with our clients. Find out how to develop a content calendar in this how-to video:


3. Actually Use Your Google+ Account

You most likely have a Google+ account; even if they don't know it, most people do. This is a powerful social network that can be a tremendous asset to any small business. So while you're building your strategy for 2014, why not add your plans to utilize your Google+ account? At the very least, start posting content to your Google+ page to reap the SEO benefits of the social network. However, if you really want to go big, start interacting with different Google+ communities to build your company's brand amongst industry thought leaders or host Hangouts on Air to interact with clients or customers in a new way.

4. Create More Video Content

Customers engage with video content at a much higher rate than regular text. In 2014, digital video is nothing new - in fact, it's pretty much everywhere, which is why your business should really start utilizing it. Whether you have a professional video team or an iPhone and iMovie (though we strongly encourage you to make the absolute highest quality video you are capable of: crap videos will yield crap results), on YouTube, Instagram, Vine, or your website, think of ways you can incorporate this form of content into your digital strategy. It will give a whole new opportunity for you to reach consumers.

5. Do More Than Just Promotion

Yes, it's great to post content that promotes your business's products or services. But only promoting yourself will eventually turn off consumers from interacting with you (you will start to bore them). If you really want to develop a strong online community around your brand, there has to be more to your digital content. Understand your users and target market, and begin to post relevant content that they will enjoy. Articles, memes, and infographics are great to sprinkle throughout your typical posts.

But posting isn't enough. Engagement is just as important as developing content. So, it's time to start commenting and interacting with your target market as well. Like their comments, comment on their posts, RT them, etc. There are so many ways to build an online community around your brand, and creating a community is one of the best ways to utilize the digital tools at your disposal to their fullest potential.

There you have it. Our 5 resolutions for the new year. Now bring in 2014 with a new burst of digital energy.

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Posted on 8 January 2014 | 1:17 am

KAM 001 - The Start of the Kick Ass Marketing Podcast - This is the start of something amazing! Welcome to the first Kick Ass Marketing podcast. This episode goes through the background information everyone will need to know before starting to listen to the Kick Ass Marketing podcast. It covers:

- Why we decided to podcast

- Who we are and why you should listen to us

- The structure of the show

- What we do for a living

- Where the name "Kick Ass Marketing" came from

If you are looking to learn more about marketing, especially about social media and the digital world, this podcast was created for you. We will be having a good time and educating you about all things kick ass. 

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Posted on 26 December 2013 | 6:39 pm