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The Wretched Hive: December 7, 2018

Episode #76: Celebration Chicago is just around the corner, a new Star Wars animated series is in the works, casting announcements for THE MANDALORIAN abound, and we’ve got you covered with great analysis and opinions on this episode of TWHP! We cover the new Captain Marvel trailer #2, delve deep into FANTASTIC FOUR, and wonder what the Walker parents were thinking when they named their poor kid Luke Sky. PLUS we launch an inquiry into the existence of another (video) podcast called THE WRETCHED HIVE and its host, ONLY ONE KENOBI.

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Posted on 7 December 2018 | 7:01 am

The Wretched Hive: November 23, 2018

Episode #75: Thanksgiving is here and there is a lot to be thankful for in the Star Wars universe including the live-action series in the works based on the adventures of CASIAN ANDOR, new music for GALAXY’S EDGE from the maestro himself JOHN WILLIAMS, and anniversary celebrations for the trailer for THE PHANTOM MENACE and the infamous Star Wars CHRISTMAS SPECIAL. Lastly we honor the passing of two greats: Marvel’s real life superhero STAN LEE and screenwriter extraordinaire WILLIAM GOLDMAN.

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Posted on 22 November 2018 | 1:00 pm

11/16/18 Interview with Matthew Jacobs

Steve is joined by Matthew Jacobs, resident of Paradise, California, the town that was devastated by fire on 11/9/18.  Matthew is an Air Force veteran, and a huge Star Wars fan. To help Matthew and his neighbors, please consider making a small donation at:

Thank you!


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Posted on 17 November 2018 | 2:08 am

The Wretched Hive: November 9, 2018

Episode #74: Director Rian Johnson continued to defend his choices regarding LUKE SKYWALKER’s story arc, and as you might imagine The Hive has a few thoughts on that in addition to Ep. IX rumors, JJ Abram’s future dealings, Disney’s looming streaming service, and a new connection between Star Wars and THE WALKING DEAD. BONUS: You can win a full set of Rancho Obi-Wan trading cards signed by the legendary Steve Sansweet! Just leave a review of our show on iTunes, and you’re in the running…plus you’ll be helping our show immensely. Thanks in advance!

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Posted on 9 November 2018 | 9:25 pm

The Wretched Hive: October 26, 2018

Episode #73: “The Falcon has landed!” may have been gushed by SpaceX officials following the epic upright landing of the FALCON 9 BOOST STAGE back in 2015, but little did they know that another Falcon – the MILLENIUM FALCON – would land a few years later at the happiest place on earth in Anaheim, California. We’ve got updates on Disney’s GALAXY’S EDGE and more including the Marvel release schedule for the next four years (10 movies!), pictures and speculation from the set of THE MANDALORIAN, and enough STAR WARS COMICS talk to put the producer to sleep. Plus Greg shakes the paint, SCOTT’S COLLECTOR’S CORNER debuts, and we drop a few choice f-bombs into Star Wars dialog.

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Posted on 26 October 2018 | 7:08 am

The Wretched Hive: October 12, 2018

Episode #72: We may be in the NEUTRAL ZONE of film releases but there is enough Star Wars news to choke a Gondar and we’ve got you covered in this episode of TWHP! Disney/Lucasfilm released first images of THE MANDALORIAN, RESISTANCE made its television debut, and your hosts finally got around to buying SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY, playing BATTLEFRONT II, and experiencing The VOID’s SECRETS OF THE EMPIRE.

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Posted on 12 October 2018 | 7:15 am

The Wretched Hive: September 28, 2018

Episode #71: THE GOLDEN SKULL may not be the latest installment of the INDIANA JONES series, but it descriptive of this week’s episode of TWHP.  PLUS we keep you caught up on Star Wars news including Honest Trailers’ take on SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY, the new Oculus VR game featuring Darth Vader, and we honor A NEW HOPE and THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK producer extraordinaire Gary Kurtz.

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Posted on 28 September 2018 | 3:54 pm

The Wretched Hive: September 14, 2018

Episode #70: We love ourselves like Han loves money and we prove it this week with a very Hive-centric show! We’ve got major updates on SCOTTWATCH 2018 followed by a HIVE FIVE that will have you film fans crying for more – or, maybe just crying.  If you just want the news, forward to 59:20 and start listening from there.  Yes, it’s nearly a FULL HOUR OF NONSENSE before we get to actual news, but by George (Lucas), it’s a lot of fun.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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Posted on 15 September 2018 | 12:51 am

The Wretched Hive: August 31, 2018

Episode #69: Rumors of Episode IX rewrites and confirmed casting announcements are dotting the landscape like Tusken Raider encampments on the Tatooine desert and this week we slaughter them all for you including JONAS SUOTAMO’s frequent flier miles, KELLY MARIE TRAN’s awesome return, OSCAR ISAAC’s future in BATMAN, plus the usual hijinks you’ve come to expect including a new SCOTT WATCH challenge, the Star Wars TWEET OF THE WEEK, and additional confirmation that #christinehulkawasright.

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Posted on 31 August 2018 | 3:24 pm