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We play the best instrumental surf music from the 1960's to the present day, as well as interviews with surf musicians and surf music scene news.


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Episode 15

Podcast 14 part 2 - the second half of our 2012 releases round up. Los Oxidados - Spectre Los Straitjackets - New Siberia The Madeira - Twilight Maeds Dominos - Verannan Damernas The Man From Ravcon - Echo Canyon The Man From Ravcon - The Charmer The Mariners - Dance of the Cobra The Mighty Surf Lords - Lonely Sea Mike Barbwire - SOS RocknRoll (El Sotano Calling) Outer Space Heaters - Aphelion Pedrito Diablo y Los Cadaveras - Desenfundo Forastero Phantom Four - Morgana The Pyronauts - Jawbreaker The Reigning Monarchs - All Summer Single Reverand Hank - Longhorn The Roadrunners - Point Zero The Space Agency - Action a go-go The Spaceguards - Stampede The Supertones - Mysto Incognito The Surf Zombies - Beat Girl The Surfaders - Showdown at Tumbleweed Inn Terrorismo Tropical - Iron Surfer Man Twin Tones - Batalla de Columbus Background music taken from Los Straitjackets new LP - Jet Set! Thanks to all the bands who permitted us to use their music. And thanks to all the members of SG101 who help make this the very best place for surf music on the internet!

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Posted on 6 February 2013 | 12:15 am

Episode 14

Podcast 14 part 1 - the first half of our 2012 releases round up. The Aquatudes - Cindy in the Sun The Atomic Blast - Space Patrol Bang! Mustang! - 6 Waves Under Bevel Emboss - Rumba Nova The Biarritz Boys - Whatever Happened to the Longboard The Born Losers - Tokyo Drifter The Amazing Coconauts - Over the Rainbow The Concussions - Phantom Limbs The Crazy Aces - Invasion of Malibu Espectro Plasma - Columbia UFO Attack The Exotics - Surf Burglar The Good The Bad - 049 The Grande Bois - El Meteor Hell-O Tiki - Futterman's Phobia The High Fidelics - Lil Curfew Breaker The Inframen - Mercy Kill a Burning Man King Pelican - Morocco Los Kahunas - 7 Mares Bed music and outro song by Los Straitjackets from their new album Jet Set.

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Posted on 2 February 2013 | 10:44 pm

Episode 13

Finally after a loooong break we're back with a brand spankin' new surf music podcast. This episode features songs from albums that have been released in this year 2011. It's been a stellar year for surf music releases as this podcast will prove. There have been so many albums released that we're going to finish the list with the next podcast. Also on this episode is an interview with Don Wilson and Bob Spalding of The Ventures. This interview was conducted earlier this year by Rich Derksen aka Pappa Surf - Thanks Rich! Mana Pacifica – Tikiyaki Orch. Talkin’ to the Trees – The Reefriders Taken By the Sea – Voodoo Court Tarnation Station – Terry Buffalo Ware Belair – The Falcons Theme to Mondo Cacti – Reverb Syndicate Watching the Blood in the Bullseye –The Razorblades Backwash – North of Malibu Demonica – The Bahareebas No Free Fez – Chum Order of the Black Sun - The Mystery Men The Ride of May Gray - Jaguar and the Savanas Ventures Interview Blue Avalanche – The Take Offs Berlin Alexanderplatz – El Supernaut Lava Tube – Lava Pups Shleppin’ and Kvetchin’ – Meshugga Beach Party Suppose The Doomsday Cults Were Right – Kill Baby Kill Spooky – The Coffin Daggers Beyond the Surf – Space Party The Martyr – The Secret Samurai Gooch in Space – The Deadbeats Mobius Transformation – The TomorrowMen The Whirling Dervish – The Aqualads Staccatto Lane – The Sand Devils Subway Surfin' - Terry Buffalo Ware Background music are several songs from the new Tikiyaki Orchestra album Aloha Baby!

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Posted on 7 November 2011 | 3:03 am

Episode 12

Join Lady Reverb as she spins music from the bands who will be performing at the 3rd Annual Surf Music Convention on August 7th, 2010 in Los Alamitos, CA. Also featured are new music from The Bambi Molesters, The Reigning Monarchs, and The Wagon Train. 1. Bahraini Boogie - Surfside IV 2. Twang fu - Surfside IV 3. Sno Balls and Pit Beef - Atomic Mosquitos 4. Ah, the Atmosphere - Atomic Mosquitos 5. Going My Wave - Wadadli Riders 6. Dwell@10 - Wadadli Riders 7. Teke, Teke, Teke - Frankie and the Pool Boys 8. Magyara - Frankie and the Pool Boys 9. Surf Party - Astronauts 10. The Savage - The Shadows 11. Volcano Juice - Insect Surfers 12. Nomad - Insect Surfers 13. Tiger Shark - Insect Surfers 14. Good Morning Svetlana - The Space Rangers 15. Murder On The Sixth Tee - The Space Rangers 16. Transatlantic Orbit - The Space Cossacks 17. Tsunami Surprise - The Space Cossacks 18. As The Dark Wave Swells - The Bambi Molesters 19. The Witch Doctor - The Wagon Train 20. Lambretta - The Reigning Monarchs 21. Spectre - The Reigning Monarchs Bed Music - Bambi Molesters

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Posted on 23 July 2010 | 12:47 am

Episode 11

Podcast 11 - The Ghastly Podcast. This episode we're honored to have Norman Cabrera aka Baron Shimmy Shivers of The Ghastly Ones calling out the tunes. He's given us a killer selection of old school surf tunes that influenced him and his bandmates to be the kickass surf band they are today. We also have the 2nd half of his interview with Warren BInder. If you want to hear even more of this interview, stay tuned to the podcast page on SG101 and we'll upload it soon. Finally we're also featuring some new music by Norwegians - The Mobsmen and Icelandic SG101 member Burt Rocket. High Voltage - Jim Messina and The Jesters Driving Guitars - The Ventures Jet Stream - The Breakers Night Rider - Dick Dale Out of Control - The Crossfires Scratch - Eddie and The Showmen Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt - PJ & The Galaxies Cat On A Hot Foam Board - The New Dimensions Everybody Up - The Fender IV Bikini Drag - The Pyramids Surfer's Blues - The Journeymen Point Panic - The Surfaris Journey To The Stars - The Nocturnes Avenger's Stomp - Avengers VI Scattershield - The Surfaris Bulldog - The Ventures Cicero Come - The Mobsmen Flamenco - The Mobsmen Mister Motor - Burt Rocket Savage Iceland - Burt Rocket Lonesome Undertaker - The Ghastly Ones Background music: El Sereno - The Varatones

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Posted on 22 January 2010 | 3:23 am

Episode 10

Happy Halloween Surf Comrades, presents our own spooky surf podcast for your enjoyment. This episode features many songs chosen by our resident spookologist - Norm Cabrera aka Baron Shimmy Shivers from The Ghastly Ones. The Baron is also the subject of our interview this episode, the first of two parts. Song List: Night Of The Vampire - The Moontrekkers The Spook Walks - The Spooks Hand Full Of Blood - The Starfires It's Monster Surfing Time - The Deadly Ones Experiment In Terror - Laika And The Cosmonauts Strange Ghost - The Pastel Six Blood On The Waves - The Barbwires Dracula's Theme - The Ghouls Surf Creature - Bob Hafner Vamp Camp - The Ventures House On Haunted Hill - Kenny And The Fiends Shock Monster Stomp - The Ghastly Ones Interview with Baron Shivers of The Ghastly Ones - Part 1 Night Creature - The Gigolos The Vice Of Killing - The Langhorns Zombie Walk - Cosmonauti What Kind Of Ghoul Am I - Frankie Stein and his Ghouls Heartbeat - The Avengers IV Ghost Hop - Bitch Boys Tarantula - The Storms Bedlam - The Belairs Earthquake - The Nobles Out Of Limits - The Marketts Swinging Creeper - The Ventures The Birds - The Motivations Nothing More Than Murder - Impala

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Posted on 30 October 2009 | 6:04 pm

Episode 9

Greetings surf fans, the eagerly awaited next SG101 podcast has finally arrived. This episode we answer the question "If Rhino released a 5th disc to their Cowabunga Surf Box Set what would the song list be?" Here's our attempt to answer this. Also included is part 2 of our interview with Ted Pilgrim from Satan's Pilgrims! Track listing: The Apes Of Wrath - The Space Cossacks Riptide - The Fathoms 7 Sisters, 7 Seas - Pollo Del Mar Extasy - Husky And The Sandmen Nokken Surfacing - The Beat Tornados The Red Scare - Infrareds Mysterioso - Slacktone Doheny Dawn - The Volcanos Rhino Chaser - The Nebulas Thunderhead - The Ghastly Ones Creature Feature - Satan's Pilgrims Catharsis - The Kilaueas Andromeda Sex Lounge - The Reventlos Type-D - Chum Tijuana Taco - Chum Sandstorm! The Madeira Tunisian Moon - Los Twang! Marvels Wild Jet Beach - Wild Sammy Ice Station Echo - Frankie & The Pool Boys Apache Trail - The Wet tones Celluloid Planetoid - Metalunas War of the Satellites - The Bomboras Mr. Midnight - The Huntington Cads Last Train - Surf Coasters Mirananda Treble Spankers Surfer's Anthem Evan Foster Drag-N-Fly Thunderchiefs Final Wave For The Day The Bambi Molesters

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Posted on 20 October 2009 | 11:46 pm

Episode 8

Just in the nick of time, here's our latest podcast featuring the bands that will be performing at this year's SurfGuitar101 convention in Los Alamitos. We're also featuring the first half of an interview Warren Binder (Captain Springfield) conducted with Ted Pilgrim where they discuss the new Satan's Pilgrims' record. There's lots more songs and another surf classic highlight so get your reverb on. Lady Reverb and I want to extend special thanks to Warren, Ted, Ivan, Ryan, Jeff and Brian for all their help. And our apologies to The Reventlos whose song accidentally was omitted from this podcast. It's doubly unfortunate as they are so generously donating the equipment for the convention - so hats off to The Reventlos. Tracklist: The Song Remains Insane - Secret Samurai Los Campiones del Justico - The Ghastly Ones Paddle or Die - The surge! Lost In The Shadows - The Verb Tones Cascadia - The Sand Devils Maelstrom - The TomorrowMen It's A Bikini World - The Boardwalkers Nightwave - The Detonators Psych-A-Go-Go (Psych Out) - Satan's Pilgrims In The Past - Satan's Pilgrims Green Peppers - Satan's Pilgrims Mosquito Royale - Atomic Mosquitos Malaguena - The Trashmen Orbitron - The MelTones Take On Me - The Bitch Boys Bajjad - The Apemen Rampage - St John and The Cardinals Fiberglass Jungle - Crossfires Point Of No Return - Kare and The Cavemen Inciende En El Infierno - 50 Foot Combo Besame Mucho - The Huntington Cads The Storm - The Hunters

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Posted on 25 July 2009 | 3:59 pm

Episode 7

Space Surf - The final frontier. These are the musical voyages of the Starship SG-101. Its 5 year mission to explore strange new sounds, to seek out new songs and not-so-new Fender guitars. To boldly go where no reverb tank has gone before. Track List: Spacecar 2001 El Ray Nebula One The Nebulas Space Race Gene & The Esquires Outer Orbit Huntington Cads Terror in Space Metalunas Space Echoid Kilaueaus Scorpio 6 (Surf, Swim) Satan's Pilgrims Third Star to the Left Nocturnes Interview and Jon Blair song Dark Matter The Thunderchiefs Space Encounter The Surfites Space Mission Number 12 Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited Space Probe Chantays Telstar The Challengers Space Spade THE SURF COASTERS Configuration 9 Man or Astro-man? Polaris The Boys Santa Claus In Space The Blue Horizon Beyond the Third Star The Space Cossacks Moon Race Citations The Rocket Man Spotnicks Mystery Planet The Bomboras Moonracers The Preps Attack of Robot Atomico The Ghastly Ones Mickey Aversa - Blast Off Various Artists The Sea Of Stars Vibrasonic

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Posted on 1 March 2009 | 8:45 pm