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PILLBOX: Aloha, Birthday Girl

We were supposed to go to Hawaii again this year. But, things can change. Try explaining to your 8-year-old daughter that she won’t be spending her birthday in Maui after all. Gulp.

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Posted on 26 October 2020 | 9:08 am

Is the site broken?

I can’t tell if the site is broken or what. This is just a test to see if, when I post this, it appears on the front page of the […]

Posted on 25 October 2020 | 9:26 am

#377: What’s a Middle-Aged White Man to Do?

I drove to Arizona with my eyes closed and slept with my eyes open...

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Posted on 15 January 2020 | 9:28 pm

Looking to host a podcast on LibSyn?

Looking to host a podcast on LibSyn? Use promo code "PILL" and get...something. I have to read the contract...

Posted on 2 December 2019 | 5:25 pm

#376: Somethin’s (Almost) Bruin

I went to a football game. Well, two. I think. Jimmy drove us. I "talked" sports and drank a third of a beer. And survived.

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Posted on 18 November 2019 | 12:27 pm

#375: We’ll Have Time (Right?)

I go to a wedding, I go to Michigan and I go back in time. It's good to be back...

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Posted on 11 November 2019 | 1:46 am

15 Years (sort of) of The Bitterest Pill!

Yes, November 4th (or, maybe the 3rd) marks the 15th anniversary of The Bitterest Pill podcast. Holy cow. Now, sure, the last couple of years have been spotty at best, but it still counts, right? I'll put out a new show to seal the deal...

Posted on 5 November 2019 | 1:46 am

#374: All That Jazz… (aka “Butterscotch” or “Lima Bean?”)

I talk about my need for a new coding system, so I know when a woman is interested in me and when she is just being polite. "What's Your '17?'" "Butterscotch?" "Lima bean?"

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Posted on 9 May 2019 | 6:49 am

#373: Bumbling, As Usual

I was trying to network...

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Posted on 1 April 2019 | 6:37 am